Face Mask Care Instructions

When You Receive Your Face Mask

While your mask(s) have been steamed, washed (in some cases) and Lysol’d, we still recommend steaming, washing and/or disinfecting your mask before use. The only way avoid contracting the Coronavirus is to treat all things as they are infected. Current studies suggest that the virus can live on fabrics for up to a week so taking extra precautions is advised. 

Face Mask Wash Instructions*:

Machine or Hand Wash in Cold Water Only.
Do Not Bleach.
Tumble dry on delicate or low temp or dry flat.
Iron on Medium to high temp.
*Properly washing your face mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus.
Mask Care Instructions

Face Mask Reusing Instructions**:

Steam, Iron or Lysol if you are unable to wash mask.
Fabric Contents: 100% Cotton
**Reusing your face mask raising the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 / Coronavirus. 

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