Behind the Face Mask

Build Your Own Mask - Behind the Mask

Designing Your Face Mask

We make all of our masks to order. It takes about 20 minutes to begin and complete one single mask. We understand how important it is to receive your face mask as quickly as possible during this COVID-19/ Coronavirus pandemic which is why generally try to construct and process all orders within (1) business day. This may not always be the case and we may require up to (3) days of processing based on the volume of orders received. All standard orders require (1) day of processing.

While our masks are made to order they are not custom. We use our standard size chart, which is based on test fittings conducted by us using different body sizes and ages, to offer a size close to your measurements. These measurements may or may not fit your face shape exactly. If you are interested in ordering a custom face mask use our contact form to inquire about pricing and design options. To find your best face mask size based on our standard measurements click here

Face Mask Sewing

Customizing Your Face Mask

We offer many different design avenues to help you make your mask design your own! We offer screen printing, logo printing, different fabric options, custom fabric prints and much more! Simply use our contact form to submit your ideas and we will make it work! The possibilities are endless!*

Face Mask Construction

Need Your Face Mask Sooner...

Select rush delivery at check-out and email us immediately with your delivery expectations. Based on the order size and amount needed rush orders require at least (1) day to process. For larger orders a bigger processing window may be required. If you are unsure of timing email us and we can provide options that better suit your needs.

*Custom order processing times will vary. Custom orders generally take 1 - 2 weeks to construct and process.