About Us

Build Your Own Mask is a subsidiary of Crystal B. Designs, Inc. It was founded during the height of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to aid in preventing the spread of the virus. We aim to create protection that accommodates your lifestyle and provides protection tailored to your needs. 

We offer a unique design experience that combines imagination and protection to produce high quality customized face masks. We've adapted the very core values used to define Crystal B. Designs of quality and innovation to provide a familiar brand. We provide face masks for the general public, healthcare professionals and essential businesses/businesses and even our four-legged pets! 

Our commitment to advancing in the face mask market can be seen in each meticulously crafted covering, in which we understand should be as unique as the individual wearing it. 

The Face Behind The Idea

Build Your Own Mask Founder, Creator, Owner - Crystal B. Designs


Crystal B.’s life has been defined by an iron work ethic and single-minded dedication to fashion. With her emphasis on sartorial architecture, it is fitting that much of her inspiration builds upon cities. A visit through her past collections reveals an impressive creative range reaching from the effortless sophistication of Paris to the bold and vibrant colors of Africa to the eclecticism of Tokyo. Her commitment to advancing the fashion scene can be seen in each meticulously crafted piece, in which she understands should be as unique as the individual wearing it.


-Build Your Own Mask-